HRM531 North Park University Whirlpool Corporation Organizational overview


APA Format / Written Exercise

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Double Spaced

5 to 8 page paper (not including reference and title page)

4-5 References

OBJECTIVES: At the end of this written exercise participants will be able to: Develop guidelines for organizational management of human resources.

Assignment guide:

The purpose of this exercise is to have participants develop a set of documents for professional orientation and development of personnel for a specific position.

Each student should provide the information requested below for your current organization or an organization you are familiar with.

Each student should develop the following documents for presentation:

(i) A professional job description. (may use an existing job description)

(ii) An orientation plan, i.e., a detailed plan for orienting the new staff member.

(iii) Staff development guidelines, i.e., list the policies for professional development, including training plan, incentives, benefits, etc., that will be explained to the new staff member on hiring.

The submitted HRM exercise will include the following (minimal requirements)

Title page: APA Formatted title page

One (1) – Three (3) pages for each of the following:

Assignment Explanation: A detailed summary of the meaning and importance of each section of the project. The student should provide a thorough explanation of how each section will enhance the organization and the individual employee.

Job Description (student may use an existing job description): Three (3) part job description

  1. A detailed description of the job selected for this assignment.
  2. A summary of the key skill set(s) and personality requirements (as applicable).
  3. A narrative explanation of how the information in step “2” are applicable to the job

Orientation Plan: A detailed summary of the entry level employee orientation plan, including the following as a minimal

  1. The organizational culture training and introduction that will be provided
  2. Organizational training (non-workcenter specific) that will be administered prior to the employee reporting to their normal work section.

Staff development Guidelines: A detailed summary of the entry level employee workcenter skills development plan, including the following as a minimal

  1. An explanation of the support, time, and resources that will be provided to the employee for professional development
  2. The manager’s role in the employee development

Human resources management exercise grading plan: 100 pts total available

Assignment Explanation: 20 pts

Orientation Plan: 35 pts

Staff development Guidelines: 35 pts

Paper structure and formatting: 10 pts

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