HRM587 final exam

need final exam taken asap.


  • The exam covers all the course-text reading assignments, all lectures, and any articles referenced in the lectures.
  • All TCOs are covered.
  • There are 12 multiple-choice (MC) questions worth 7 points each with the last one worth 8 points. There are 5 essay questions worth 35 points each for a total of 260 points.
  • You have 3.5 hours to take the exam.
  • Plan to spend no more than 30 minutes for the MC questions, 30 minutes for each essay question, leaving you with 30 minutes to review your answers.
  • Remember to SAVE your work frequently because when the time limit is reached, you will automatically be exited from the exam. SUBMIT your exam when finished.
  • There are 2 pages to the exam. These do not need to be completed in order.
  • You must complete the exam on time to get credit. 
  • No extensions will be granted for the exam.

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