HRMN395 UMUC WK3 Total Rewards Approach to Compensation Management Paper

One important element of total rewards is the benefits the organization offers. This is the non-monetary portions of total rewards such as medical insurance, paid time off, and tuition assistance. Before you answer the following questions, read the course commentary for the week, take the self assessment, and read the material provided in the week’s overview. Without doing so, it is difficult to answer the questions in a relevant and accurate manner.

1. Of the benefits you learned about in the readings for the week, share with the class which one, if any, was surprising to you and why.

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2. Select two benefits from the various lists and share how you think offering the benefit assists the organization in attracting, retaining and engaging their employees.

3. Select one benefit (such as the Family Medical Leave Act or child care or medical insurance) identified in Module 3 and describe a legal compliance issue related to it. Share why you feel it is a potentially risky one from a legal compliance standpoint of which all organizations need to be aware. Identify the law that you feel is at risk and what the organization should do to ensure compliance (such as education, training, or policies). Be sure the compliance issue you describe is related to a law or regulation.

  • What are the Best in Class Non-Monetary Benefits
  • Other Types of Compensation
  • Making Learning a Key Element of a Total Rewards Package
  • Favorite Perks

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