HRMN395 University of Maryland Total Rewards Program Timeline

This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of course outcome:

4. formulate a plan for implementing a total rewards program in order to ensure success of the program

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To supplement the proposed changes to the total rewards program in the organization you have used for the first two assignments in the course and shared in the third assignment, you will develop an action or project plan for implementing the recommendations for the total rewards program.

You are encouraged to use a Gantt chart or Pert or similar graphic to display a timeline and the interdependence or sequence of the activities. However, a simple task list using software such as table in MS Word or Excel, will suffice.

A good action plan contains the following:

  • specific and quantifiable steps
  • the order in which those steps are to be taken
  • the individuals responsible for each step
  • the individuals responsible for overall segments as applicable
  • the required resources for each step such as funding for the changes, review by the legal department, input from an expert; and
  • the approvals as applicable
  • the steps to evaluate the action plan (your metrics from assignment two)

The timeline adds to the presentation/paper and aids in the identification of success measures and issues/problems encountered and overcome.

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