HRMT220 Regent University Person Based Structures Discussion

Read the Sled Dog Software case at the end of Chapter 7 and answer the questions in your initial post using the chapter readings and two (2) others from the web or the Regent University databases. Be sure to integrate Christian worldview and scripture that discusses the principles of competitive pay and the various organizational and market factors into your answer.

This weeks study ——————-

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Person-Based Structures

This week we’ll study the process, techniques, and methods used to evaluate jobs to build a person-based internal pay structure. In today’s “new work culture” employees are told they must go beyond the tasks specified in their job descriptions. Pay systems that support continuous learning and improvement, flexibility, participation, and partnership are claimed to be essential for achieving competitive advantage in the global environment. Person-based structures provide promise; the logic supporting these approaches is that structures based on differences in people’s skills or competencies will be more flexible and encourage agility.

Defining Competitiveness

This segment concentrates on the key concepts, issues, and theories related to external competitiveness, the second pay policy in the pay model. External competitiveness focuses on pay comparisons outside the organization. It refers to the pay relationships among organizations – an organization’s pay relative to its competitors. External competitiveness involves making decisions in two areas: pay level and pay mix. To achieve the objectives stipulated for its pay system, an organization must properly position both the pay level and the pay mix relative to its competitors.


By the end of this week, students will be able to:

  • Determine the appropriate pay for a position, propose your recommendation to investors, and discuss your recommendation with others, and integrate appropriate biblical principles and Christian worldview into your recommendations.

Newman, J.M., Gerhart, B., & Milkovich, G.T. (2017) Compensation, 12th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. (ISBN: 978-1-259-53272-6)

Milkovich & Newman, Chapters 6-7

200-300 words

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