Mass Communication

At Mass Communication at University of Central Missouri

At first, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Ahmed Ali Alzahrani, I was born on 03.03.1986. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication: Advertising/Public Relations from Avila University, Kansas City Missouri.

Education has always been an important foundation upon which I have built my goals and dreams.

Without education, I would not be able to achieve my greatest goals.

Throughout my life, my teachers and professors have helped me gain insights into our ever-changing world and also introduced me to the field of Communication. These educators have helped me to pursue studies in communication and find a career match that best suits me.

Throughout this process, I have known that graduate school would play an integral role in furthering my education and helping me achieve my goals. I feel that my academic work and field experiences have prepared me to engage in graduate studies I feel if I complete in graduate studies in Mass Communication at University of Central Missouri, and I am fulfilling a goal I set for myself after graduation ago.

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