IAU Culture Economic Political and Legal Systems of Egypt Report

The requirement in this assignment is to describe the culture of Egypt in not more than two pages.

  • The Country report (Egypt) should follow this structure

1. Country Overview:

In a paragraph, provide an overview to introduce your country. You may

include geography, demography, economy and other factors.

2. Culture of Country Name

2.1 Society Structure: family structure and social classes etc. 2.2 Customs and Traditions

2.3 Languages

2.4 Art and Literature

2.5 Religions

2.6 Politics/Government Structure

2.7 Economic System

2.8 Cuisine (Food, beverages, breakfast, lunch and dinner etc.) 2.9 Education/Literacy

2.10 Sports

  • Writing Guidelines:

Paper size: A4, Line Spacing: 1.15, Margins: 1” (inch) all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 point for text and 14 point for heading.

  • Referencing: The Harvard Referencing Style must be used to support all sources of information
  • Avoid plagiarism please in all assignment
  • The supporting chapter is attached

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