Review the article on Strengths-Based Practice and Interviewing from Module 3 and read Chapter 20 of the text, Planning for Positive Change and Recovery.

In this assignment, I would like you to reflect on and practice applying a strengths-based approach to case management. The strengths-based approach focuses on possibilities and builds on strengths to achieve goals rather than viewing clients by their problems. Based on what you have learned to this point in the course:

Choose one of the following scenarios.

Susan wants to break her pain medication addiction and get her children back. They were removed from her home a year ago after Susan was arrested for the fourth time for driving under the influence of a substance. She caused an accident where others were hurt. She was recently released from jail and is now in a halfway house to finish out her parole.

Kenny beats his wife on occasion. He reports that he never intends to beat her but he cannot help himself. He grew up in an abusive household and sees this behavior as normal. His wife left and is staying at a domestic violence shelter. Kenny wants her back but she indicated that she will not come back until he gets help. Kenny resists suggestions for treatment because he really does not see that he is doing anything wrong.

Bonnie smokes a pack of cigarettes each day and has done so for many years. Her family continually tells her that she needs to stop. The last time she was at the doctor, he told her that her would not be her physician any more if she did not quit. She really likes her doctor and does not want to stop seeing him.

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