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Writing Assignment #1: Illustrating a technical document NOTE: If you slap something together at the last moment or do not read these instructions carefully, you will receive a VERY low grade. in this assignment, you will be marked on your ability to properly lay out tables and figures, to use the CRAP design principles, and to write efficiently. Review the lecture notes on these topics before starting the assignment. Introduction You have been hired as a co-op student by the Dean of Computer Science. Dr Rau-Chaplain has been asked to present on enrolment figures for the Faculty of Computer Science at an upcoming executive meeting. He has tasked you with gathering the necessary data and preparing appropriate illustrations for the following three comparisons: 1. Compare female undergraduate enrolment to female graduate enrolment. 2. Compare total Nova Scotian undergraduate student enrolment with other groups. Non-NS data must be grouped as Atlantic (NB, PE, NL), Central (ON, QC), Western (BC, AB, SK, MB), Northern (YT, NU, NT), Canadians Abroad, and International. 3. Compare undergraduate and graduate enrolment. Undergraduate enrolment must be broken down by BCS, BACS and BInf (BInf refers to all undergrads except BCS or BACS). Graduate enrolment must be broken down by CS and Other (Other refers to all grads except Computer Science). Each comparison is for the Faculty of Computer Science only, for every second academic year from 2010/11 through 2017/2018. Instructions 1. Gather the data you require for the THREE comparisons listed above from the appropriate PDFs found here:… 2. Create a document with three sections, one for each comparison. Each section must start on a new page. 3. In each section: a. Create a properly formatted table of that data. b. Create an appropriate illustration (figure, chart, graph, etc.) for this comparison. Create the illustration using MS Excel or similar software. Copy & paste the illustration into your document. c. Write an explanation of why you chose the type of illustration you did. Anchor your table and figure in the discussion by mentioning them (e.g. “As Figure 1 shows…”). Answer in full sentences/paragraphs. DO NOT use point form. Keep in mind that for your audience to understand why you chose a particular type of illustration, it is likely that you will have to also briefly address the data itself. 4. Practice the CRAP design principles when laying out these sections. Remember: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity 5. Source tables and figures using APA Style. Include a Reference page.


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