Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University Analysis of Wendy’s Twitter Data

Look up for Wendy’s Twitter account from date August 8th 2019 to October 7th 2019 answering the following questions, making charts and comparison using Excel and summarizing the findings.

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Descriptive Questions

  • What are the attributes of the most engaging tweets?
    • Date and time
    • Keywords / hashtags
    • Likes and retweets
  • What messages drive the most engagement?
    • Message of the tweet
    • Target audience
    • Media included or not
  • Do Tweets have an impact on stock prices?
    • Residual effect – 1 day
    • Residual effect – 1 week

Predictive Questions

  • What is the best predictor of top engagement?
    • Date and time
    • Message – Keywords and hashtags
  • Can we use Tweets to impact the stock price?
    • Using data from the afternoon, predict how the stock prices will close?
    • Can a tweet on Sunday have an impact on the Monday opening price?
  • Best way to get free nuggets from Wendys
    • Complaint
    • Roast request
    • Other

I attached Wendy’s tweets data and it might be helpful.

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