Implementation and Communication Plan Case Study

  1. Consider the following information relative to your consulting engagement for Hoosier Media, Inc.

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    Marketing Currently Hoosier Media utilizes traditional media vehicles for marketing. This includes print advertising to solicit new and renewal newspaper subscriptions. Other marketing tactics currently used include regional television and radio advertising spots. Management has expressed interest in expanding its marketing reach through social media and mobile app technology but is unsure how to move forward in those areas.

    Information technology Hoosier Media’s newsroom is in dire need of technological updates. All workstations currently have desktop computers; however, many employees have been requesting the ability to work from home as well as have access to company networks while on the road for business. Many of the younger employees would like to have access to iPads and would like to replace their desktop computer with lightweight laptop computers.

    The next phase of your consulting engagement is a two part assignment in which you will

    address the following in a 700- to 1,050-word paper:

    1. Marketing the new Hoosier Media – Propose marketing and information technology implementation tactics for Hoosier Media
    2. Communication Plan Provide details on how the company should communicate its new information distribution direction to key stakeholders by:
    • Identifying the information that should be communicated.
    • Defining the audience that should receive the communication.
    • Identifying the channel(s) of communication.

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