Implementation of the Training – Discussion question

“Implementation of the Training” Please respond to the following:

  • From the scenario, outline a plan for a one (1) day training program that follows the Experiential Learning Model.
  • Go to the Association for Talent Development, located at, and locate a training or conference in which you are interested. Examine the training objectives that led to the implementation of the training or conference you have chosen. Then, develop a brief overview for a new training package to develop the same training objective.

Here’s an example of what one of my classmates have already provided:

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I choose “Core 4 Conference”. Never been to Toronto Canada, 2 days for a $200 discount for ADT members (I wonder if they offer Military discounts?). This training will be delivered in a conference setting. The first day of the training class will begin with an ‘ice breaker’ a simple game of each trainee to introduce themselves, positions, goals/aspirations, current occupations. The trainer will kick off the introduction game. I am role playing a ‘Training Manager’, as a result this position is outlined in the position titles listed for whom should attend. Some of the learning objectives that is appealing; engaging learners by developing and delivery, having an evaluation of solutions hence establishing how to deliver training appropriately addressing the need. This appears to be a structured training environment offering a kick to self-development, honing in on skills and providing self-improvement growth. This is a diverse learning opportunity for large or small businesses offering traditional E-Learning for professional development or classroom settings working amongst teams. In the end the class room structure will include opportunities to network, build relationships and learn from one another in two way conversations. Thanks Erik.

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