Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans questions

A. Greetings class, as we see ABB is a very successful international player. “ABB is a major competitor in the power and automation technologies industries across the major markets globally. It has 145,000 employees operating in almost 100 countries.”

  • First, why are they so successful? Any specific thoughts on their successful strategy? (100 words)
  • What incentives influence firms to use international strategies? (100 words)
  • What are the three basic benefits firms can achieve by successfully using an international business-strategy? (150 words minimum)
  • What four factors are determinants of national advantage and serve as a basis for international business-level strategies? (150 words minimum)

B. What is Global expansion (150 words minimum)

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C. Greetings class, as we read the beginning of this chapter we take note of Borders Books and how they failed to change strategically. Whereas, Barnes and Noble actually were willing to sign a deal with Amazon to help with sales of their products. A successful structure is required for organizations to move forward with success.

  • Did Borders fail due to lack of willingness to change their structure? (150 words minimum)
  • Why is structure important? (150 words minimum)
  • What is organizational structure and what are organizational controls? What are the differences between strategic controls and financial controls? What is the importance of these differences? (150 words minimum)
  • What does it mean to say that strategy and structure have a reciprocal relationship? (150 words minimum)
  • What are the characteristics of the functional structures used to implement the cost leadership, differentiation, integrated cost leadership/differentiation, and focused business-level strategies? (150 words minimum)

D. Greetings class, ManTech is an organization that caters to the Federal Government. They have an understanding of how to provide services that are requested and required. The leadership of ManTech stated that commitment to their customer is key to their success. What does that mean to you? (150 words minimum)

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