In one or 2 pages ONLY.

In one or 2 pages ONLY.

So this is our product (below in the summary) read over it understand what is the product is and search a good article that have (numbers, charts etc..) supports our product and try to get at least one article for each point briefly explain what each article or research says and how our product will help in :

  • Turnover cost
  • Hiring and training cost
  • berrick Mount big five personality factors
  • Hunter and smith 1998
  • Turnover Ratio/Hiring and training cost
  • Employee engagement/satisfaction
  • Higher performance from engaged employees
  • How the program will influence your company

Product Topic Summary

One problem many organizations have is finding employees who are the right fit for their job openings. Whether the potential employee is under qualified, overqualified, or doesn’t fit within the organizations chemistry, it is very hard to seek out the perfect match between organizations and employees. Having employees who fit well within the organization are crucial towards the success of the company and the individual growth of the employees. A wrong fit can lead to job dissatisfaction and a downward trend of employee production. Finding the perfect match between organizations and employees is a very tough thing to do, however, the benefits are well worth the search.

Based on this problem, the first solution which we proposed is we are going to make a product that filters out candidates who would be fit into that organization based on job descriptions education and experience level, also personality traits. Our product can provide accurate screening of the most suitable candidates, and it will bring benefits for organization and individuals. For organizations and companies, this product not only helps them find the most suitable candidate but also can reduce fixed cost and the filter time. For individuals or candidates, they can by using our product to avoid many troubles, for instance, uncertainty about their job interest or whether this company is right for them. With the help of our product, these problems can be solved directly.

Some of the ways our services will help the company are providing the best possible fit and talent for the spot that is looking to be filled, as our screening will include looking at the top students of each graduating class for many of the best universities in the country. By doing this the candidates will have a new job that fits their expertise and personality well and with a great plan of growth, and the company will have young and vibrant employees that will continue if treated right for years to come. This would be a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

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