In regards to the Dry Cleaner scenario, based only on the limited information. We can only assume a few things.

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In regards to the Dry Cleaner scenario, based only on the limited information. We can only assume a few things. Both the dry cleaner and the day care are doing their due diligence. The EPA states they may emit so many units into the air daily. However, what about the chemicals that have changed over the years, does the daycare keep the parents involved in what the EPA states? Have any employees of either business become ill for unknown reasons, how does one track these employees or exposed children? Both are businesses and both are in business to make money and serve customers. Many questions come to mind in how do we protect those being exposed? Of course the EPA has very strict standards, we can only assume that even in days where there is no testing being done that the regulations are being followed. How would one know if they aren’t? This is where corporate responsibility and Ethics come into play. 

Setting the corporate culture, for ethics and corporate responsibility falls on all employees, not just the CEO or manager. Setting firm rules in place following up with training for all employees, not just the ones directly involved. In the 2nd video above the discussion around using proper suppliers  for chemicals, if they are not in line with proper ethical principles, get rid of them. However that doesn’t always solve the problems. One complaint or accident or even an illness can spur massive headlines, finger pointing, class action suites and so on. With the dry cleaner and day care, unless these individuals are tracked in some way there is no way to know of any illnesses. Does the company providing the cleaner their supplies provide full disclosure to both the daycare and dry cleaner? Does the daycare pass that information onto the parents of the children? What happens when there is a day when the dry cleaner exceeds their daily output per EPA guidelines? Ethics would hopefully come into play, the dry cleaner would be responsible for informing the daycare of possible contaminations, and would hopefully contact the EPA for additional testing. 

In the past few years there have been several major lawsuits in the automobile industry due to faulty airbags, emissions and so on. The only way some of these things come to light are by accidents, complaints and investigations. When the most recent issue of emissions came about, These issues had been known, but since there are profits involved they chose to ignore them. Now those profits are being swallowed up by lawsuits.

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