In this case, a television sitcom, in order to demonstrate comprehension and application of course material.

1) View a specific television show or film that illustrates interpersonal communication or communication relationships, such as in the family, workplace or group situation. It could a sit-com, drama, reality television show or feature film. A show that explores relationships, or where relationships are a significant aspect of the show would be ideal. Identify the show, briefly summarize the general concept of the show, and then provide a summary of the specific episode that you watched. 1-3 paragraphs

2) After reflecting on the show, describe the conflict that exists in the show and what factors influence the conflict, such as time, context, values, demographics, power, etc. Who is involved? What is in disagreement? What external factors are influencing the conflict? What internal factors are influencing the conflict? What behaviors or patterns of communication are influencing the conflict? 2-5 paragraphs.

3) After reading the chapter on conflict. Choose one major concept, theory or process of Conflict that you think best describes the conflict in the show. Explain why in 1-3 paragraphs.

4) Finally, identity 3 course concepts from our class that you think are best suited to reducing, limiting or solving the conflict. Identify the concept, cite the conflict and then specifically link the concept to the conflict and its participants to demonstrate how the concept might help in the conflict. 3 paragraphs.

4) The paper should have 4 distinct parts. 1) An introduction and summary of the show including its title, plot, setting and main characters. 2) A summary of the conflict and things influencing the conflict. 3)Identifying one major Conflict process or theory, and 4) Applying 3 course concepts that are clearly identified, defined and demonstrate application to the show and conflict.

5) The paper should be about 2 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt. Font, accurately and clearly written avoiding typos or grammatical errors.

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