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In your own words, please submit your responses in one document (MS Word, PDF) and upload it as an attachment to Blackboard. DO NOT type your responses in the white box AND DO NOT submit the homework questions in your responses. Any resemblance of plagiarism will result in a zero. Your submission will be submitted to SafeAssign. You have one submission attempt only. Please make sure you read the instructions and follow them.

  1. Pick one of the three stocks in your portfolio. Using various online financial websites or by calculating by hand, identify the following financial ratios for your stock for the year ending 2014, 2015, 2016 financial statements. After finding the information, what inference can you draw from the data? For example, if the Return on Assets is flat, unchanged for three straight years, what does that mean?
    1. Current Ratio
    2. Return on Assets
    3. Return on Equity
    4. Debt/Equity Ratio

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