Incident Management Teams

  • Incident Management Teams
    • Review the materials from your studies, including the FEMA documents linked in Resources: General Staff Functions [PDF] and the incident management checklist in the Incident Management Team Position Task Books [PDFs], selecting a section chief position from the NIMS/ICS general staff positions (operations, planning, logistics, or finance) to prepare for this discussion.
    • Complete the following:
      • Identify the section chief position you selected.
      • Describe the major responsibilities of your chosen position.
      • Explain how an EOC is organized with the use of section chiefs and how the structure is used for decision-making.
    • Study how the EOC implements the EOP by role.
    • Study how agencies collaborate to make decisions.
    • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
    • Criminal Justice Undergraduate Research Guide.
    • Incident Management Team Position Task Books [PDFs].
    • Approved_CJ_Universal_Discussion_Participation_Rubric_v.6.


Reliance on all-hazard incident management teams (AHIMTs) to assist in managing complex disasters has increased in popularity among agencies. Many regional, state, and federal AHIMTs have been organized and trained extensively to work with emergency management officials to organize key positions within the EOC and build structure to assist with planning and decision-making. One of the first tasks of an AHIMT is to build the EOC structure in accordance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). This includes the assignment of the general staff and command staff positions. This discussion is intended to build our collective understanding of the general staff positions and how they collaborate to make decisions.


Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of at least two of your fellow learners and provide substantive feedback to compare your position to the positions described by others. Consider how the responsibilities differ among section chiefs and contribute to build a comprehensive understanding of the key staff positions within an EOC.

Review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for more information on how your participation in discussions will be graded.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:


  • FEMA: General Staff Functions [PDF].–…

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