introduction to the Science of Hazards

1.In 50 to 100 words: How can an individual identify a rip current? What should one do if they are caught in a rip current?

2.In 100 to 200 words: Chose a coastal control structure and describe it and its importance.

3.In 100 to 200 words: Describe the anatomy of a hurricane? Why is the eye so clear? Where are tornadoes likely to form?

4.In 50 to 100 words: When a hurricane is coming ashore, which area receives the highest winds and surge? Why?

5.In 100 to 200 words: If global ocean temperature continues to rise, what effect will it have on hurricane strength? Explain your answer.

6.In 100 to 200 words: Briefly describe the multiyear climate changes of El Nino and La Nina and their global effects.

7.In 100 to 200 words: When massive continental ice sheets melt, what happens to (1) sea level, (2) deep ocean water circulation, (3) salinity of sea-surface water, (4) organisms living near the sea surface?

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