Is anyone avail to have this power point complete by in the morning at 930 am eastern time and what’s the price?

Is anyone avail to have this power point complete by in the morning at 9:30 am eastern time and what’s the price?


You now have the Powerpoint Presentation topics.  We have had a wide variety and this should provide some very good reviews of systems for BIOS255.

I am not sure how many of you have done presentations in the past. The rubric is very important to follow when you are putting together a class presentation. I am listing some of the common errors that have occurred that may affect your grade. Just doing a presentation does not guarantee 30 points.

Professional dress means that you wear what you would to an interview. Jeans are not considered professional dress. Any question as to what is appropriate should be asked by your professor assigning the project so you are prepared.

Time varied for many and almost everyone was over 8-10 min. It should be adequate time. to cover the topics unless you are talking too fast or rushing through your slides.

Practicing your presentation in front of someone else and pronouncing the words and explaining acronyms is also important.  Reading directly from your slides is not acceptable. (Nor should you just read your notecards) You should be familiar enough with your subject to try and talk a little to your audience. I know you do not do it every day, but this will help you become comfortable in front of others in a professional manner.

Another error was too much info listed on the slides instead of Bullet points. Note cards are greatto give you something to look at for the additional information, but your slides should not be cluttered with paragraphs. Then, you are either reading them to the audience or the audience is reading them and not listening to you..

Readable Font size…very important. Some have been too small to see from the back of the room.

Graphics were also an element that should be added…and some even put in videos that are helpful in explaining the subject.

For many of you, it is hard getting up in front of the class. And, I really understand. However, you will have to this many times in the future. You need to speak loud enough for the audience to easily hear.

 Summary slide: Many forget this.  It doesn’t matter whether you are doing an oral speech, presentation, or a paper, you need to summarize.

I hope this overview will help you all as you put together your PP project.


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