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This paper is a writing sample so I would like it to be written on an undergrad level. I am a basic writer use to writing undergrad papers and I am applying for a masters program and I waited until the last minute to apply and I don’t have time to write the paper. The article MUST BE READ because the questions are specific to the article.

The requirements are below and I have attached the article “Is Social Work A Profession”

For your writing sample, you will evaluate the journal length article, “Is Social Work a Profession”, written by Abraham Flexner.

Using a 12-point font size, and Times New Roman or Courier font style, please submit a double-spaced, three to five-page writing sample on 8 ½ x 11 paper using one side only. Your response must conform to the APA format and must constitute a coherent narrative which integrates the following items:

The primary issues(s) addressed by the author in the article.

The background information provided by the author on the issues.

The author’s major research question and hypothesis.

The type and source of data used by the author.

The major findings.

What knowledge did you gain about social work form reading the article that you did not know before?


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