IS3310 Troy Inflation Consumer Prices for United States Data Analysis

1. We have obtained a dataset for evaluation from ____<Provide link>________. Describe what the data is about (eg the cars dataset is about cars that are for sale). The dataset was collected by ___<credit organization and indicate how the data was collected>_______. It contains ______ records and _______ attributes. The attributes include <list the key attributes>. The following is our findings of the appropriateness of using this data.

2. In this paragraph discuss any extra steps you needed take before uploading the data. You should then discuss the results of your initial exploration. You should reference relevant statistics such as missing data and the ranges of numeric data (you should reference the summary table). Include, reference and discuss at least two figures, either a boxplot (distribution and outliers), histogram (frequency and distribution), or a scatter plot (correlation). Refer to DAX 2 if you need help in creating and including these figures in your memo. (REMEMBER—– If you are unable to run the summary statistics in SAS, then you will not be able to use this data.)

3. In this paragraph make a recommendation to use this data or not. If it can’t be used, then you should discuss why. If you feel it is an adequate dataset then you should discuss an interesting question that you could explore from the data. Would the dataset need to be filtered in some way?

Below the text you should provide the summary table and at least two figures.

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