Issues and Ethics in the Helping Profession

Students must cite and clearly reference ethical codes from the American Counseling Association (ACA) in their reaction paper to support their response to each topic. Papers must be written in APA style and each paper must include a minimum of 7 professional references. One of the 7 references may be the ACA Code of Ethics and one reference may be the textbook for class. The other 5 references can only include refereed journal articles or professional textbooks from the fields of counseling or psychology. Students should not refer to ethical codes or references outside of the counseling or psychology professions



While reflecting and writing their reaction papers, students should consider the question from the perspective of a mental health counselor. For each topic, the student should cite at least one section of the ACA Code of Ethics as well as at least one reference outside of the textbook or codes of ethics (e.g., refereed journal articles or professionally written books). If a student is confused whether a reference will count they should email the instructor. 


No online cited sources at all 


Please pay attention to detail and all directions. 


6 pages excluding reference page. 


I will send book access information once aggrement is accepted. 

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