it capstone revisions additions needed |

Hello – Need some revisions on my IT Capstone Project.Initial paper is great (THANK YOU) just need to make some adjustments and in different formats etc.

I’ve attached IT Capstone Checklist which will provide a little more detail on each sections and what is needed aside from what I’m requesting.

Need assistance/revisions on following sections:

D4 – Sales Forecast – See attached Sale Forecast, finish filling in sales numbers and totals.Please also see attached PriceList to correlate services price list that I’m using. NOTE Totals will be needed for Section F1 on the Forecasted Profit Template etc.

E1 – Overall Strategy – Paragraph is great but I need a little more indepth of a plan for successfully launching the business and starting it up.Please see checklist for ideas and what is needed. Add to initial table.

Task / Completion Date / Responsible Party.

E2 – Monitoring Plan – Again, need a little more indepth ongoing plan as noted in checklist.Small table would be great.

F1 / F2 Financial template = See attached Financial Template that you had already filled out for me (thank you) it will need to be updated with new sales totals and correct numbers.Both tabs!!

G1,2,3 – Unsure if anything will need to be updated for this section upon changes in sales forecast and Financial template changes.Please review after previous sections are completed.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help on this!!


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