IT Governance

IT Governance

Spring 2017

Case Analysis

This analysis is based on the Bottler Company Caselet: Using COBIT 5 that is provided on Blackboard.

For this assignment you are to address the following points:

1. Develop a business case for implementing ERP that focused around the benefits, challenges, and risks to this organization.

2. Identify the key stakeholder groups for this project. Identify why each stakeholder group is important, their perspective and their potential impact on the project. Give specific recommendations for dealing with each of the stakeholder groups you identify.

3. Identify and discuss what you see as the 5 biggest challenges the CIO faces to delivering value through an ERP implementation. Include in your discussion why you think these challenges have emerged.

4. Identify and discuss what you see as the 5 most important enablers that will help the CIO deliver value through an ERP implementation. Include in your discussion how you think these enablers could be best utilized.

5. Using COBIT 5 as a framework, identify the processes that you believe Bottler Company needs to pay specific attention. Discuss why you chooseeach processes as particularly important for this organization/situation. What metrics would you use to determine if they are successfully completing these process?

I am looking for your ability to analyze a situation and apply the concepts we have discussed to addressing a specific scenario. There is quite a bit of information provided in the case material. I am looking for your ability to identify key issues in the material and discuss their implications. There is not necessarily a “right answer”, but you will be evaluated on the quality of your analysis and your ability to structure your responses in a clear and meaningful way that addresses the issues raised above.

There is not a required page length for this assignment, but all elements of the above items must be addressed. I am looking thorough and thoughtful analysis. If I were making a recommendation I would think that 12-15 pages would be required to give due diligence to the assignment requirements.

You may work on this assignment in groups of 3-4 individuals.

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