Write a 4- to 6-page paper about various aspects, advantages, disadvantages, and issues related to transnational IT operations. 

Use the instructor-provided template (below and attached)  for this paper. 

Review the feedback rubric for this assignment (below and attached.)

Address the following:

  • Transfer of work, quality issues, global networking, and service levels
  • Cultural diversity, languages, technological infrastructures, local customs, and control issues


Week 5 Transnational IT Paper Template




Advantages, Disadvantages, and Issues


Transfer of Work, Quality, Global Network, Service Levels


Cultural Diversity, Language, Local Infrastructure, Control Issues



Feedback  Rubric Week 5 IA CMGT578


Points Earned/Possible


Submit 4-6 page MS Word paper on various aspects, advantages, disadvantages and issues related to transnational IT operations. Note that defines transnational as “extending or going beyond national boundaries.”



The paper substantively discusses transfer of work, quality issues, global networking, and service levels.



The paper substantively discusses the considerations of cultural diversity, language, technological infrastructure, local customs and control issues.



Paper has no spelling or grammar errors, and is correctly referenced.



Assignment submitted on time (-0.75 pts per day late.)






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