ITECH7407 Federation Innovative Analytics Solutions for Bettis Firm Paper

This is a business analytics project aimed at generating innovative analytics solutions for a Company. The objective is to analyze the given datasets from a relevant firm’s perspective in terms of implications and strategies which the chosen company could adopt to improve its functions, resources and processes efficiently and effectively.

You are expected to find a dataset with minimum of 10,000 rows from publicly available sources. You also need to hypothetically identify a company (chosen company) who could get benefits from the analysis of the dataset.

You MUST produce the actual visuals in SAP Tools i.e Lumira & Expert Analysis If you think the best presentation above is to use, say, only a pie chart, then discuss using a pie chart and indicate what the pie chart would show, why you picked the pie chart, and so on. It may be useful to try with various BI reporting/dashboards/presentations before rushing to conclusion.

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