JFK’s January 20, 1961speech critique

How did the speaker manipulate the audience using his vocal variety (tone, diction, and rate, pauses)?

What rhetorical devices aided the speaker’s manipulation of his audience?

Discuss a particular rhetorical device that the President used and the purpose it served. Such devices may include alliteration, references, poetic heights, tricolon, anaphora, etc.

Was there ethos in the speech? Did the speaker establish his evidence of good faith, character, and background? Give example (s).

Did the speaker have pathos in his speech? Did he establish an emotional bond with the audience(s)? Give example (s).

Was there logic (logos) to the argument presented?

Did the events of the time influence the President’s Inaugural Address? If so, did the President specifically reference them in his speech? Give examples.

What words (nouns or verbs) were used frequently in the speech? Why do you think those words were used so frequently?

Your essay must include in-text documentation.

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