job aid and write up hrm 326 week 4

Create a job aid that can be used to support execution of a specific task on the job. This can be formatted as a Word doc, a PowerPoint Slide, an Excel Worksheet or other graphic.

A job aid should be simple, contain relevant graphics and be no more than a page. Note: some job aids are on a small card or a clip board, but others can be posters placed in a work space, or on-line pop up screens to be referenced during a transaction. The important thing is, keep it simple. This isn’t a reference manual! Just something staff can refer to on the job to remember how to perform a specific task.

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Provide a 500-700 word write up about the job aid. Tell management what they are getting with this new job aid and how you recommend it be deployed.

  • What is the purpose of the job aid? Why is it needed?
  • Is it going to be in paper or electronic format? How will it be distributed?
  • What type of communication and training will be needed around use of the new job aid?
  • What change management issues might arise?
  • What will employees be able to do differently now that they have the job aid and know how to use it?

Here are some tips for this assignment. Job aids such as checklists, worksheets, and performance support tools can be provided to employees based on the results of a task analysis to identify activities and decisions needed to complete a procedure. Job aids can be chosen to help employees complete the procedure. Training may or may not be needed to teach employees how to use the job aid. A job aid could also be a take-away from a training course. At a minimum though, introducing a new job aid requires some form of communication.

Here is a quick guide that you can find online — this is a great starting point for the assignment:

If you need more ideas:

  • Have a look at this instructional designer’s blog on when to build a job aid. It will stimulate your thinking and it is in practical language.
  • And here is a real Instructional Designer forum on building job aids:

You can create a job aid as a one page Word doc , one slide PowerPoint doc. a one worksheet Excel doc or other type of graphic. As long as I can open it and see it, great!


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