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In a minimum of 300 words (full sentences required) answer the following questions regarding Amendments 1, 4, 5, & 14.

1. Chapter 6: You are the coach at a public university. Half of your team belongs to an evangelical Christian church. A fourth is comprised of atheists, and a fourth is of an Islamic set. The evangelical church members ask if they may lead the team in prayer before a big game. The Islamic students remind you of their need to fulfill their religious requirements to pray at specific times during the day that overlap with team meetings. The atheist students haven’t said anything to you about religion. You need to accommodate your students while also being sensitive to their variety of beliefs.

a. How do you respond to each group’s request? Support your decision with legal principles (i.e. which laws apply and why; what is your course of action based on the relevant laws)

b. Imagine you work for a private school (no federal funds)—will your response to the groups of students be different? Why? How might your response differ?

2. Chapter 7: You are the coach at a public university. On your team there are a few students you connect well with and a few others you don’t like quite as much. Assume one of your less well-liked student athletes was accused by another student-athlete of breaking a team rule. Because the accused athlete has been testing your authority, questioning your methods, and being more difficult to work with than the other team members, you are tempted “throw the book” at the athlete and remove them from the team.

a. What are two (2) constitutional issues in the chapter that might be of concern to you or the athlete if you bar the athlete from participation? What amendments apply and why?

b. Would the issues be any different if the athlete was on scholarship and planning to sign a professional contract upon graduation?

c. What is your best course of action to disciplining the student after considering the constitutional issues present?

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