JWI518 Strayer University Campaign Proposal Presentation

or Assignment 2,you will create a PowerPoint deckof 10to 15slides. To support you in this assignment, there is a Campaign Plan Templateavailable in your Blackboard course. You should use this template as a guide in developing your slides, to ensure that all required content is included. Bear in mind that your audience will be the CMO and members of the company’s executive team. As high-level decision makers, these are very busy people, so you know that you must present your ideas concisely, to respect their time, but also persuasively, to solicit their buy-in and approval for the campaign. Leverage what you have learned in the first seven weeks of your JWI 518 -Marketing in a Global Environmentcourse, including the textbook readings, Lecture Notes, articles, videos, and external resources. You will also build on the work you did in your Campaign Brief in Assignment 1.

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