Kaplan Business Roundtable Redefined Purpose of A Corporation Essay

This assignment is a review of the article “What the Business Roundtable Pledge Means to Tech—Whether Companies Signed It or Not ” and the revised Business Roundtable (BR) redefined Purpose of a Corporation. Students are to analyze the information and answer the following questions.

1) According to our textbook, the goal of the firm is to create value for the company’s owners which is frequently stated as “maximization of shareholder wealth” (p.3). In your view, does the redefined purpose of the corporation by the Business Roundtable continue to support this goal? Explain why. (20% of grade)

2) Based on the article, will the Pledge change corporate culture? Explain why. (15% of grade)

3) Research and identify two sources regarding the BR redefined purpose of a corporation. Discuss if they agree with the article or not and why. Be sure to cite the sources properly. (30% of grade)

4) In the article, many companies stated they are already operating their companies according to the Pledge. Yet the article points to specific instances where this is not the case. Identify two instances not mentioned in the article where companies are or are not operating their companies according to the Pledge. Explain why the action supports or doesn’t support the Pledge. Be sure to cite the sources properly. (35% of grade)

Total = 100%


Using APA Guidelines (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/) the report should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Total report should be four (4) to seven (7) pages (not including title page). All exhibits, tables, or figures should be placed in the Appendix of the paper and not included as part of the 4 to 7 pages. Similarity should be less than 10%.

These are the two links to articles that you have to mainly work with on this assignment.



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