Kaplan College Annotated Bibliography Regarding Globalization Homework

Use the following structure for your annotated bibliography:

  • Each entry should have an annotation that includes:
    • An APA citation for the source
  • First paragraph: Brief summary of the article: Descriptive comments regarding the content of the source

o What is the purpose of the source?
o What are the goals of the author(s)?
o What were the major findings?
o What were the methods employed?
o What were the conclusions?

  • Second Paragraph: Critique and analysis of the article: Evaluative comments regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the research

o Is the information reliable/accurate?
o Is the source useful?
o Was the theoretical or conceptual framework applied well?
o Does the author effectively convey the meaning and purpose?
o Are the conclusions justified?
o Are the findings generalizable?

  • Third paragraph: Implication of the article/relevance to your topic: Reflective comments regarding the effectiveness of the source for your topic

o How does the source fit into your research?
o How useful is the source to your research?
o Is the source applicable to a wide variety of applications?
o How is this source different than others on the topic?

  • Each annotation should be between 100-200 words (not including the citation)
  • Annotations should be arranged alphabetically (A-Z) by source
  • Submissions should follow APA formatting

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