Key Theories from Human Communication Studies Worksheet

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CLASS BOOK: Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13

Length: 4 – 6 minutes

Visual Aid: Required

Speech Transcript: Required

There are two parts to this assignment – a presentation and a full-sentence transcript.

This assignment details the full-sentence transcript only.

To review the presentation requirements.


  • The purpose of this assignment is to show you how to connect the concepts and key theories from human communication studies to your personal life.
  • Choose a particular moment in your life in which you learned a valuable lesson or fact.
    • It could be something you learned in hindsight or something you are still trying to understand
  • Expand on this topic by focusing on how this lesson learned connects to a key term, theory, or concept from the textbook. You will be choosing your concept from a list of topics provided below.


  • In addition to presenting on video the narrative speech, you will also be turning in your written outline detailing what you plan to say within your presentation. This full-sentence outline is called a “speech transcript” because it is required to be written in full and complete sentence form with in-text citations and a works cited list attached at the end.
  • While you will be conveying a story in this speech, you must still follow the speech organizational pattern: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion!
    • You will be required to have 3 outside sources cited within your presentation, as well as cited in your speech transcript (Hint: the class textbook is 1 source! Find 2 more!).
  • You will be required to follow the Narrative Speech Transcript Skeleton Outline – located herePreview the document – for this assignment.
    • While there is not a page requirement for this full-sentence transcript, your writing must convey the full message – beginning, middle, and end- and connect directly and explicitly to the concepts being defined.

Speech Transcript Grading Criteria (15 points)

  • Your outline should follow proper APA or MLA structure (your choice), typed, double spaced with 1” margins
    • Follow the narrative speech transcript skeleton provided – here.
  • 3 outside sources that explain or describe the communication theories and concepts chosen must be cited in the outline using in-text citations as well as on an attached reference/works cited list.
    • You must include a CRAAP worksheet -located here – for all sources used within your presentation and transcript.
  • The theories or concepts assigned must be explained and described in detail within the speech transcript. Theories and concepts must connect directly to the personal narrative being shared, and the connection needs to be explicit within the writing of the transcript.
  • Your speech transcript should follow basic essay structure including: introduction, 3 main body paragraphs, and conclusion
  • Your outline should be free of grammar errors, be in complete sentence structure, and coherent organization of thoughts and ideas.

Thank You.

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