Choose any one of the following, considering that you have suitable access to the process of

Working, data and functions without breaching any confidentiality.

The organization or part of the organization (department/division): 1)at your current place of work./OR/ 2)at a previous workplace of yours./OR/ 3) where you are not working.

****** You can meet the desired personnel to gather information with a scheduled appointment.


Submit a work proposal which should include:

1) a Small overview on KM and should talk about the organization case and/or department selected for the research. 2) the data gathering method(s) that you would use to collect information.


1)What knowledge is captured and how is it captured? 2)What methods are used to elicit knowledge from experts? 3)What is the knowledge found in people and artifacts? 4)What tools, technologies and methods are used to store knowledge? 5)Where is the knowledge applied/used and how is it shared/disseminated?

*****Understand the profile of the organization (business case). Focus on the department

identified and its role in the organization and explore the above mentioned points.


1)Perform a SWOT for the above chosen function/department. 2)Carry out a knowledge audit for the above chosen organization/department/function. 3)Present the audit outcome in a tabular format with appropriate details containing both the present and the future state and with appropriate recommendations.

****Appropriate Citations and CU Harvard style referencing is required.

***At least 12 References

**Total Word Count (Max 2000)

*The Proposal should submit within 24 hours

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