Korean Air Cargo Business Case Study Analysis

Length: 2,000 words (not including appendices, citations, references, and illustrations)

Details: undertake a thorough analysis of the business environment for Korean Air. Following the requirements of Grading Rubric and How to Analyze a Case Study as attached.

Case Analysis Format:

1. Explanation of Key Business Environment Issues

2. Problem Statement

3. Problem Analysis

4. Identification of Alternative Solutions

5. Evaluation of Alternative Solutions

6. Recommended course of action.

Please note: There is no need to include an executive summary, an introduction, or a conclusion in this assessment.

Useful Hints for Preparing a Case Study Analysis

Please note: These hints are not intended to be exhaustive. Students will need to thoroughly familiarise themselves with case study analysis methods prior to preparing this assessment.

Problem Statement – Separate the root problem from the symptoms. Analyze how the problem affects the business/corporate objectives of the organisation as well as the macro environment(s) in which the organisation operates..

Identification of Alternative Solutions – Are the solutions relevant in the current business environment? Do the proposed solutions address the root problem facing the organisation?

Evaluation of Alternative Solutions – Discuss and justify the process of evaluating each solution. The more processes, the more likely you are to identify relevant solutions to the organisation’s business problem.

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