Korean Air Cargo Case Study Analysis

Title: Business Case Study Analysis

Weight: 30%

Length: 2,000 words (not including appendices, citations, references, and illustrations)

Type: Individual assessment

Details: You are required to undertake a thorough analysis of the business environment for a specific organisation. The case study for analysis can be found on the Moodle site for this unit. The Moodle site f also has some useful case study analysis resources which students should also access and read thoroughly as preparation for this assessment.

It is strongly recommended that you commence work on the analysis of the business case as early as possible in the semester. Students should also familiarize themselves with the grading rubric for this assessment prior to commencing any analysis on the case.

Case Analysis Format: The following format is recommended for preparing this assessment. Explanation of Key Business Environment Issues

Please note: There is no need to include an executive summary, an introduction, or a conclusion in this assessment.

Please note: These hints are not intended to be exhaustive. Students will need to thoroughly familiarise themselves with case study analysis methods prior to preparing this assessment.

Problem Statement – Separate the root problem from the symptoms. Analyze how the problem affects the business/corporate objectives of the organisation as well as the macro environment(s) in which the organisation operates..

Identification of Alternative Solutions – Are the solutions relevant in the current business environment? Do the proposed solutions address the root problem facing the organisation?

Evaluation of Alternative Solutions – Discuss and justify the process of evaluating each solution. The more processes, the more likely you are to identify relevant solutions to the organisation’s business problem.

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