Law Assignment

The first file is the problem which you need to answer. All of the pictures are the text.

Required Readings:

1. Text: 283-285.

2. Orrin K. Ames III, Tortious Interference with Business Relationships: The Changing Contours of

This Commercial Tort, 35 Cumberland Law Review 317 (2004-2005).

3. White Sands Group, L.L.C.,et al., v. Michael Asfour and Peter Sterling, 32 So.3d 5 (Ala. 2009).

4. Hope For Families & Community Service, Inc. v. Warren, et al., 721 F.Supp.2d 1079 (M.D. Ala.

2010) (You do not need to read this case. It is over 100 pages long. I will discuss it in class.).

5. Amerinet, Inc. v. Xerox Corporation, 972 F.2d 1483 (8thCir. 1992) (business disparagement and

tortious interference claims (You do not need to read this case. I will discuss it in class.).

6. Alabama Pattern Jury Instructions. See also, the BP Environmental Services, Selig, and Harper-Lawrence cases below- just read the descriptions after the citations- you do not need to read the cases.).

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