Law problem solving


It contains 50 True/False and Short Answer questions and one Bonus Question. For the True/False questions, if you select “False,” explain why the statement is false.If you do not provide a correct supporting explanation, you will get no credit for the question. Try to make your explanations as succinct as possible.

This Exam is being placed on Canvas by the end of the day on 18 April 2018.[1]Your responses are to be put on this document.Both the identifying information above and the Certification must appear on your submission.Print out a hard copy and on 26 April 2018 come to the classroom.I will be in the classroom during our regular class meeting time frames to receive your submissions.As you come into class, place your submission face down on the desk in the front of the class. You do not have to submit anything on Canvas.I want hard copies. I do not want your Final Exam submissions to be e-mailed.I want them hand-delivered to me in person.[2]

Each True/False and Short Answer question is worth 2 points. If you decide to respond to the Bonus Question, it is worth an additional 10 points that will be added to your raw point score on the basic Exam.

My advice is to start this Exam now and to not wait until the day before it is due.If you wait, you cannot possiblly pass this Exam.There are a lot of questions.There is absolutely nothing on this Exam that we have not discussed in class.Furthermore, as I explained in the Review Session, the cases that are referenced in this Exam were part of your assigned readings and I discussed each of them in class. Therefore, if you have attended on a regular basis, paid attention, and taken good notes, you should be familiar with everything on this Exam.

[1] This is a day earlier than I had initially indicated.This will give each of you more time.

[2] I realize that this will be the first time that some of you have seen the inside of this classroom in a long time, but you can get directions from one of your classmates on how to find the classroom.

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