law questions (property law)

Please read the following assignment thoroughly. Use appropriate case law from Chapter Six – Property Law. Also, for every question you are not required to apply a specific case law, to define the law, but you should apply a definition based upon the book’s definition.

Instructions : You are a first year associate at Islam and Associates. Please read the following facts from one of our high-profiled clients. Be prepared to address the questions asked following the facts. Cite all necessary legal analysis. Thank you.


A famous musician, DeShane Carter more famous for his stage name, Lil Sneezy has come into his office with his manager concerning some property issues. Apparently, after his latest seizure attacks he’s concerned about long-term affects of his real property. Two years ago him and his artist, Aubrit Drick Grishom, more famously known as Drick recently bought this condo on South Beach Together. The Condo is a 3-story luxury condo which they use for trips to Miami to minimize hotel expenses. The deed states: “To DeShane Carter and Aubrit Drick Grishom as joint tenants with the right of survivor ship.”With death becoming more of a reality, Lil Sneezy wants to make sure he can give his interest in the condo to his daughter when he dies. Another issue occurred when he gave his other artist, Tricky Semaj his Phantom Rolls Royce to use during her video. Since it was such short notice and she was unable to rent a Phantom from the dealer, she rented one from him at a discounted rate. Lil Sneezy only used the car about 5 times and for all intense purposes it looked brand new. However, when she returned his car, there were severe scratches, dents and a horrible smell inside of the car that no one can remove. He wants to know what can he legally hold Tricky for in regards to his car. Lastly, he is considering purchasing a large apartment building with the goal of turning it into a 7 level night club. He’s heard about this concept of zoning and wants to know how this will affect his plans.

In preparation for our meeting I want you to discuss the following three issues:

  • What type of ownership interest does Lil Sneezy and Drick have in the Condo? Also, how can he make sure that his daughter gets his interest once he dies? (be specific not only to the type but an explanation of why you are providing the actions you are proposing.)
  • He wants to sue Tricky Semaj for damaging his Phantom. What rights does he have in regards to the damage that occurred to the Phantom while she was renting it?
  • In regards to his proposed 7 floor night club, what are some of the issues he will likely face in regards to zoning?

Please limit your responses to no more than 2 pages, double spaced.

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