1Describe some of the latest applications in technologies by the police.


2.Explain how the development of wireless technology has assisted the police, generally.


3.Describe what capabilities exist with license plate recognition technology, including its possible advantages and disadvantages.


4.How do mapping and profiling systems apply to community policing, crime analysis, and locating serial offenders?


5.Describe how electronics can assist the police in traffic functions, image enhancement, and crime scene drafting.


6.Briefly restate the history of less-than-lethal weapons.  Also, explain new developments with less-than-lethal weapons as well as where matters stand today with respect to finding the “perfect” less-lethal weapon for use by the police.


7.Describe some of the latest developments in robotics.  What types of robots are being created and what purposes do they serve?  What are some of the problems that police will encounter with the use of robots?


8.Explain some of the functions and future benefits that might be realized by the police through the use of augmented reality and nanotechnology.


9.What are the major future challenges in crime involving drugs, guns, alcohol, and computers?


10.Explain the debate over federalization and why some are opposed to its practice.


11.What are the arguments raised against requiring police officers to possess college degrees?


12.Describe some of the future roles that police leaders will have to possess.


13.How will community policing and problem solving will fit into the future crime picture?


14.Review some problematic police personnel issues that loom in the future.


15.What impact—and problems—might information technologies have on policing in the future?


Task #2: Use the Internet to research less-than-lethal technologies used or being researched for use by law enforcement agencies.  Provide a one page paper briefly explaining each technology, including the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.




Find a new article using LIRN (please visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to use LIRN effectively) or the Internet discussing either current state-of-the-art technology/equipment used by law enforcement or upcoming technology/equipment that may be used by law enforcement in the future.  Be specific about how the technology/equipment is/would be used by law enforcement officers in the field.  Write a 200-400 word report summarizing the article and please include APA citations as necessary.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for a concise guide on APA format.



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