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You have just been hired as the new District Manager for LOCOLA Credit Union Bank with 10 locations under your span of control. In the past 21 months, this district has been experiencing serious communications issues between the previous district manager, corporate office, district office, the supervisors, and employees. Your immediate mandate from the Bank Headquarters is to devise strategies that will improve your district followership communications skills based on the issues noted below. Utilize your leadership communications expertise skills gleaned in this course when developing the strategies. These strategies should also include the role of communication in promoting diversity, ethical behavior, developing leaders, and assessing your own leadership (and followership) styles.

The communications issues inherent in this district are:

Constant change in supervisors

Inexperienced supervisors

Conflicting messages sent to the employees from corporate office, district office, and bank supervisors

Ambiguity in communicating specific instructions

Most supervisors have ineffective diverse leadership communications style in the district

Verbal communication conflicts with written communication (e.g. policies and procedures)

Open channels of communication lacking between management and employees

Management does not give verbal directives to employees, but assumes non-Standard Operating Procedures tasks should be inherently executed

Lack of feedback and language barriers

Your final project will be an 8–page in-depth analysis of the leadership communication issues noted in LOCOLA Credit Union Bank. Your report should include:

A description of the situation

Identification of the leadership and communication issues in the situation under investigation

Analysis of the issues using concepts and principles from the course

Assessment of your own leadership (and followership) styles and behaviors

Differentiation between leadership communications’ styles in group, organizational, and public communication contexts

A conclusion based on the analysis that should include an evaluation of the behaviors of the participants and detailed recommendations for how this situation may be resolved


The completed case analysis must be in APA format and requires the following:

Title page that includes your name, title of report, date, course code, and name of the course mentor

Introduction to the case analysis

Main body that clearly explains your analysis and details of the problem-solving process used to reach the recommendations for a solution. (Note: The case study focus is on demonstrating competency in leadership communications.)

Recommendations for the case solution, derived from a methodical analysis of the issues noted

References page

Proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics

Represents original work

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