Literature review . Articles enclosed in PDF as well as instructions.. NO OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR LIT REVIEW just the Articles enclosed

 Literature Review.


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instructions in class was each article 2 pages double spaced…  the rest of instructions are in the attached section


NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.. Just the articles that are enclosed ( thats the literature review)


Research statment then developed off of the articles and school readiness and the enclosed Research Statement of :

Pre Kindergartner students who participate in early childhood education programs will have a higher school readiness screening scores than Pre Kindergartner students who did not participate in any early childhood education programs…. ( the research portion of the assignment will use our research statement above and enclosed in Word Doc… all instructions from the actual class are in here. Follow the instructions, otherwise it will be sent back.

Http://    ( click option labeled register now ) access code will be released once assignment is accepted and directions are actually read. To many repeat offenders do not read the material before accepting the assignement.  once again you can not use other references for the Literarture review ( a literarture review for this assignement is the articles I have enclosed )  Text book is


infancy through adolescence

12th edition

McGraw-Hill (published by)

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