My research subject is how we utilize virtual reality simulation and video games to become effective in disaster preparedness to improve first responders educational training in mass casualty incidents?

Here are the instructions for this assignment

A key component of a research proposal is a review of the literature. You need to establish what is known and what is unknown about your chosen topic. Every CHOICE you make in the research project design needs to be supported by ‘grounding’ in the existent body of accepted knowledge, thus review and citations of the literature related to methods.

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This personal search, reading, and analysis of the current literature is demonstrated through the literature review section of your final proposal.

You will submit a ‘publication ready draft review of the literature section. The assignment should be a minimum of four (4) pages long and synthesize a minimum of 10 references. This should be written as a cohesive paper that integrates and discusses the relevant literature that you have collected and reviewed.

This component should be in APA style, and be ‘publication ready’ at the time of submission for the 10 points available.

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