literature review on evidence based article on childhood obesity addressing the five categories listed |

Your literature review should address the following topics (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Health disparities – This should be information regarding how the health topic is uniquely important to your target audience, including factors like causes of a condition and the condition’s impact on health outcomes.
  2. Surveillance – What data exist? Is surveillance on your objective performed? Describe how data are collected about your topic. (Review the “Interventions and Resources” on the Healthy People webpage about your topic for a list of papers related to your topic.)
  3. State and national progress – How has progress toward your objective occurred in Texas and nationally?
  4. Changing course – What are one or two public health interventions that have been successful in reducing negative behavior/conditions or promoting positive behavior or good health status? If there is information on this: What programs in Texas exist to help meet the objectives? (Or describe how interventions haven’t been successful historically and how more research needs to be done for your target population.)
  5. Recommendations – What are recommendations you have for your target population for your objective? Is there information they need to know? Is there a quiz or screening you can link to or embed on your website so they can find out more about themselves? Be sure to write your recommendations addressing how to overcome common barriers.

Review the “Interventions and Resources” on the Healthy People webpage about your topic for a list of papers related to your topic.

The literature review must contain at least two journal articles, one evidence-based practice (EBP) article, and one general information source.

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