Literature Review on Organizational Development & Change

For this assignment, you need to choose a topic (topic cannot too broad) from what we learned this term, then find and read 12 articles about this topic.

You need to give me the topic theme selection asap, then after my professor approve this topic, you can begin the paper. Total process is two days. Because this assignment would be due Tuesday night.

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  • Pages: As less as you can (Double Space), maximum is 4 pages
  • Articles:
    • 12 articles must be based on the same topic
    • Articles should be more scholarly
    • If the article published 10 years ago, it is too old
    • I can access the article. You must give me a references page at the end of the paper. I must can access all 12 articles. If I cannot access the article, you must provide and attach a pdf version of this article.
  • Please use the format I attached for this assignment
    • Title: Theme name
    • Articles’’ name and resources, 3-5 sentences summary for each article ( or you can use bullet points if you like)
    • Summary what you learned from these 12 articles
  • Topics what we learned this term ( Not only choose one topic for this list, because the topic cannot too broad. For example, you cannot choose topic as “ work-life balance”, it is too board. You need to make the topic as “work-life balance for married women and pregnant women”.)
    • Topics from The Fifth Disciple Fieldbook, by Peter Senge et al. New York, NY: Currency / Doubleday. 1994 (I attached the book)
      • Learning in Organizations (48-52)
      • Working with Mental Models (235-242)
      • Loyalty to the Truth (213-218)
      • The Power of Choice (218-219)
      • Systems Thinking (87-94)
      • Starting with Storytelling (97-108)
      • The Five Whys (108-112)
      • The Leader of Inference (242-246)
      • The Left-Hand Column (246-252)
      • Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy (253-259)
    • Topics from the lecture: Please see attached which is class notes what we learned in the class

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