Logistics Management HW (12pg pager)

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Each student is required to write a research paper on how a company in the aerospace or aviation industry is currently using a logistics management strategy (as covered in the Bowersox et al. textbook) to address a specific logistics issue, preferably one that is a currently hot topic in the industry. The issue needs to be worth studying, meaning the company would likely suffer undesirable consequences were the issue to be ignored. The paper needs to be both well researched and written and should demonstrate achievement of one or more learning outcomes for the course. Below is the company and issue that has been aproved for the assignment.




The completed paper should have a title page, an 12 page body, and list of references. The requirements for each paper component and sections are described in the MGMT 411 Research Paper Requirements (PDF), including the components and format. which is attached below.

before sending a request to complete this assignment, please view the attachment for essential requirements, to make sure this is viable and to be ascertain you can get an exceptional grade on the assignment. this assignment will be submitted to safe assign, plagarism is not an option. thank you.!


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