Los Angeles City College Liability for Safety Professionals Questions

1- When reading the codes of professional conduct they include three principles. What are those principles and why is the order in which they are given important?

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2- In your professional opinion, what does it mean to be “acting with responsibility and integrity”?

3- “Seeking opportunities to be of constructive service in civic affairs and work for the advancement of the safety, health and the well-being of the community

and the profession”.

What does “seeking opportunities” for the advancement of safety, health, and well-being in the community means to you. Give a real-world example of how you, as a safety professional, could accomplish this?

4-Why is Solis v. Grinnell Mutual Resinsurance Company a landmark court decision for the safety professional?

5-When determining if a case is compensable, “Arising Out Of” is a very simple test.

6-Workers Compensation laws are uniform though the country.

7-What were the three legal defenses that business used to avoid paying workers for their injuries?

8-Explain “Horseplay” in deciding a workers compensation case. Is horseplay compensable?

9-Explain “Abandonment of Work” as it applies to workers compensation.

10-In the State of Missouri, an injured worker can request to see their own doctor.

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