Los Angeles Pierce College Discussion 3 – NAFTA & EU


Discussion 3 – NAFTA & EU

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By now, you should have an idea about the NAFTA and the EU. For this discussion, read chapter 4. Also look up NAFTA and EU online and answer the following questions:

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1. NAFTA – Do you think the NAFTA is beneficial or harmful to the US economy? Should President Trump withdraw America from it completely? Why or why not?

2. EU – Do you think it is beneficial or harmful to have a unified Europe? Should UK move ahead with ‘Brexit’? Why or why not? Brexit is the term given to Britain exiting the EU.

Answer the above questions and reply to at least ONE of your classmates’ posts. You must comment on your classmate’s post ONLY based on what he/ she wrote for the above 2 questions.

You can take any side for both questions; I will not judge you. Remember, no negative comments/ remarks irrespective of your classmates’ views. We respect everyone’s views.


  • Question 1 – About 60-80 words, 4 points
  • Question 2 – About 60-80 words, 4 points
  • Comment on a classmate’s post – 2 points

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