Los Angeles Pierce College Doing Business in Cuba Case Report


This week, your assignment is a case instead of a discussion. Read the case (2-2 Doing Business in Cuba… One day soon) from chapter 2 in your textbook. Analyze the case in light of the current situation in Cuba.

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Here is the actual case for those of you who don’t have the textbook yet.

Cuba case.docPreview the document

Use this rubric and instructions. About 300 words.

  1. Summary/ Background: (2 points) Write a brief summary of the case given. Who is Terry Kaminer? What is she planning to do with her business?
  2. Situation/ Problem: (3 points) Identify briefly the main issues in this case.What is the current situation in Cuba in light of the US embargo.
  3. Solution: (3 points) If you were Terry, what will your decide?Will you try to expand to Cuba or not? What will your next steps be while dealing with the problems you identified in part 2.
  4. Reference: (2 points) At least 2 references; one of which can be your textbook.Include name of print source/ website, title of article, date published and author, if any.

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